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You can also contact PRAxIS GROUP for the purchase of mandown/lone-worker devices. These different systems are integrated in our software so that a quick and adequate response can be applied to the various alarms such as SOS alarm, mandown alarm, amber alert, no movement, ..

Thanks to the coordinates sent, we can send the emergency services to the correct location in case of an alarm.

Below you will find an overview of the different devices that we offer and their possibilities.

The Emerit Watch (e-WG100) from Magneta is a personal alarm that can be worn as a watch and is suitable for “lone workers” or people who may be confronted with aggression.

Outdoor location determination is done via GPS/GNSS and via Wi-FI and/or Bluetooth beacons for indoor location determination. There is also the possibility to perform a 2-way audio conversation.

The device comes standard with charger + cable. Various accessories such as a charging station are also available.

The TWIG Neo is the latest device from the Finnish manufacturer TWIG, the market leader for years when it comes to personal safety devices and software.

The TWIG Neo is a reliable and compact device suitable for “lone workers” or people who may have to deal with aggression. GPS/GNSS and Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth beacons are used for indoor location determination. There is also the possibility to perform a 2-way audio conversation.

Furthermore, the device has a mandown function, ripcord alarm, no movement, …

The MyAlert is a reliable mobile alarm system from the company Mobiletrack that provides extra security to the lone worker. The MyAlert is equipped with an SOS button, location determination and speaking and listening function.

The MyAlert also has its own docking system and can be charged using a wireless charger that is also suitable for a smartphone.

In the event of an alarm, PRAxIS GROUP can respond adequately and take action based on the coordinates sent along.

These Emerit smartphones are ideal for the lone worker who also needs a mobile phone during his work.

Due to the built-in Emerit App, there are various alarm options such as SOS alarm, mandown, no movement, …

The devices are American certified (MIL-STD 810H) which makes these devices ideal for extreme environments (shock, noise, dust or liquids).

These devices are also available in ATEX version for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Would you like more information (without obligation) about these systems? Please fill in the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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