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With the “Law of April 10, 1990”, better known as the “Act Tobback” (Law to regulate the Private and Particular Security), security companies, and by consequence central monitoring stations, were obliged, prior to the implementation of this activity, by the FPS Internal Affairs to apply for a license to run this activity, in order to prevent the proliferation of security companies and to subject their operations and personnel to their supervision (including the advisory report of the State’s Security Service and the King’s Public Prosecutor).

This law has since been dissolved and replaced by the “Act of 2 October 2017 regulating the Private and Particular security” (“Act Jambon”), in which the license appliance obligation was retained and even more lawful authorizations were granted, however linked to stricter conditions.

PRAxIS GROUP is licensed for certification under the number FOD 16.1124.09 and thus complies with all conditions set by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

PRAxIS Group was licensed for certification by the Federal Public Service Internal Affairs

for the management of alarm system signals in 2008, and this resulted in the official name “Alarm centre”. Additionally, PRAxIS GROUP was also licensed for certification in 2010 for the management of signals from tracking systems (track & trace), resulting in the official, legal term “Monitoring Centre” (more lawful authorizations than an “Alarm centre”).


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Company licensed to exploit a guarding company, with company number 0478.243.652.
PRAXIS GROUP NV  is insured against physical or material damage resulting from the execution of its activities regarding private security. 
The affected parties can apply directly to AG INSURANCE, Avenue E. Jacqmain 53. The policy number is 03/99537803.
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